About Khadi and Co

Danish textile designer Bess Nielsen launched Khadi and Co in 2005 to pursue her fascination with handwoven textiles. Throughout her 30-years long career she has traveled extensively to and across India to work with many skilled craftsmen. Her long journey into the rich legacy of Indian textile crafts led her to understand the profound cultural significance of khadi, a humble cotton fabric and a symbol of India’s Freedom Movement. A hand spun and handwoven cloth, khadi is Bess Nielsen’s long-lasting inspiration and  ultimately her life work. In the wake of Gandhi’s message of self-reliance, she is convinced craftsmanship and handloom fabrics are absolutely crucial. Hand spun yarns have an indisputable organic quality, making garments light, breathable and uniquely soft on our skin. While exploring the infinite beauty of various different weaves, Bess Nielsen has developed a deep connection with India that permeates gently her minimalist design. Quite naturally her one of kind brand conveys values she deems necessary to her work ethics and creativity.

Khadi and Co celebrates the power of the human hand and fosters effective teamwork from Indiato Paris. It’s a pioneer of artisan-made luxury fashion, born to create essential clothing.

Don’t forget that hand spun & hand woven might give irregularities.